Traeger Texas Pellet Grill Review

Good Introductory Texas Grill

The Traeger Texas Pellet Grill is something I can recommend as an introductory Texas grill for beginners. If you’re a beginner and you need a grill with a lot of space to cook food then this is one grill I can recommend. This type of grill never goes out of style and it will look great on your yard.

Traeger Pellet Grill

Traeger Grill

I have read other Traeger grill reviews and I have considered both the negative and positive aspects about it. I can say that it’s a good grill but I definitely find others that are better. Personally, one of the best things I can say about this grill and the Traeger brand in general is the fact that it grills and smokes food pretty well. It has met all my expectations in a smoker slash grill.

Big Reasons why I Recommend this Pellet Grill

  • DURABLE DESIGN: One of the best things about this Traeger grill is that it is built to last. I have owned my for a years now and it’s still looking great. I take good care of it, so it doesn’t get banged up a lot. There are a few nicks and some oxidization in some parts but nothing really serious. Just the usual wear and tear that I expect from any smoker or grill.
  • GOOD TEMPERATURE CONTROL: As far as pellet grills go, I think this one is good at temperature control. It’s not the best, I tell you, but it’s quite alright. It may miss your desired temperature by a degree or two, which is why I recommend using an external/meat thermometer just to make sure. One thing I have observed about it is that this grill will take some time before it can stabilize the internal temperature. One more thing, expect the temperature to fluctuate some + or -5 degrees when it’s cold outside.
  • EASY CLEANUP: Traeger grills are known for at least two things: (1) good smoking; (2) easy clean up. This unit features what the manufacturers dubbed as their EZ drain grease system. It is supposed to make clean up a lot easier. I guess it does help and handling the grease drip tray isn’t that much of an issue. If you’re like me who makes a huge fuss over cleaning things up then this is the grill/smoker for you.

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Key Features in a Glance

  • This pellet grill offers a total of 646 square inches of cooking space. The grill surface dimensions are 19″ x 34″.
  • This Traeger BBQ grill features the Traeger EZ drain grease system.
  • Just like other Trager grills, this one is also equipped with electric ignition.
  • This Traeger pellet grill can produce up to 36,000 BTU’s of heat.
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Like I said earlier, this Texas pellet grill from Traeger is a great introductory product. If you’ve had more experience with grills especially with grills of this kind then you know that it has limits. I guess the big drawback I should mention about this grill is the fact that it has a very limited temperature range. Its lowest temperature that I have recorded is at 175 degrees and its max temp is at 475 degrees.

I would expect my wood pellet grill to have a little more heat for better searing. In spite of that little downside, I can still recommend this Traeger Texas Pellet Grill for anyone who just wants a basic grill without those fancy frills.

Final Verdict

Traeger Texas Pellet Grill

Traeger Texas Pellet Grill

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Traeger Texas Pellet Grill

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Grill Reviews Over $400 Traeger
Traeger Texas Pellet Grill
Traeger Texas Pellet Grill The classic Texas Grill is sure to never go out of style. This sleek grill was designed after the traditional Texas-style wood cookers and features a 646-square-inch primary cooking area that offers up to 36,000 BTUs over a 19″ x 34″ cooking surface. Features include a porcelain-coated grilling grate, an EZ drain grease system, a digital LED thermostat, and a four wheel design for easy mobility. Made of durable 20-gauge steel, powder coated in black with a bronze powder-coated accents, this grill uses an automatic convection blower and auger system that feeds wood pellets into the firepot for consistent heating. Simply set your desired temperature and let the Traeger do the cooking for you. The indirect heat, along with the eco-friendly wood pellets, allow for versatile and healthy grilling, smoking, baking, and roasting. This Lil’ Tex Elite Grill also includes an electronic auto-start ignition that provides a no-hassle grilling experience, and requires a standard 110 volt electric outlet to operate.View the full Traeger Texas Pellet Grill Collection here Features: 646 sq. in. primary cooking area 19″ x 34″ cooking surface Up to 36,000 BTUs 20-gauge steel construction Powder coated finish Wood pellet grill Internal pellet hopper Digital LED thermostat Electronic auto-start ignition EZ drain grease system Porcelain coated grilling grate Smoke exhaust Four wheel design Requires standard 110 volt electric outlet 3-year warranty Model: BBQ075

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