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Smokers of any variant are typically like ovens – they’re huge; large enough to house several pounds of meat or fish at one time. Just like your standard oven, they have racks to help users optimize their cooking space. However, unlike baking in ovens smoking your meat in one of these kitchen implements will usually take many hours. The result of such a process is that the flavor from the smoke will be deeply infused into the meat or fish (or whatever it is you’re smoking).

Bradley Electric Smoker

Bradley electric smoker at work.

An oven is used for baking, you use your basic grill for your barbecue, and you use a smoker to make smoked meat. Sometimes you have to incorporate smoking into your cooking in order to infuse flavors into the meat you’re roasting or baking. For instance, you can cold smoke chicken or salmon for a few hours before baking. This locks in the flavor making the meat tastier.

Different Types of Smokers

There is a difference between an electric smoker and a traditional smoker. Each of these types of cooking equipment has its advantages, which is why our product reviews cover a variety of smokers.

Here are a few brief descriptions that might help:

  • Electric smokers are the next step in the evolution of tools and equipment used to smoke great tasting meat and fishes.Unlike the traditional charcoal, propane, or gas smokers, electric smokers use electricity. That’s pretty obvious given the name of this appliance. The heating source for these electric types is similar to the electric stovetop burners. They have electric powered coils that provide the needed heating. Since these smoking appliances are electric powered they offer a few advantages over traditional kinds of smoking apparatuses.
  • Offset Smokers is a type of charcoal smoker that is cylindrical in shape. It features a main chamber where the meat and other food gets cooked and smoked to your liking. A separate smaller cylindrical chamber is attached to one end where the charcoal is fired up and its smoke is funneled into the food in the main chamber.
  • Bullet Smokers or Vertical Water Smokersare similar to drum smokers and they use either wood or charcoal to produce heat and smoke. This type of smoker incorporates a water bowl to add humidity to the entire cooking equation.
Electric Smoker

The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker.

  • Upright Drum Smokers are simply steel drums that have been divided into sections for the purpose of smoking meat. The bottom portion is usually where the charcoal and wood chips go into and the meat is placed on the upper layers.
  • Propane Smokers allow people to smoke food in a more controlled cooking environment. They use gas burners to produce heat for cooking and also for smoke production.
  • Smokehouses are constructed out of stainless steel. It has a separate system for cooking and a separate chamber for smoke production. Some smokehouses use electric coils to produce smoke while others use a small flame. Water sprays or steam is used for humidity and temperature control.
  • Smoke Boxes on the other hand use a more traditional smoking method. It is an upright smoker where the food box and the smoke or fire box are chambered separately. These have newer models that have better temperature controls.

Buyer’s Guide and Tips

We have provided reviews of the best smokers sold in stores today. We have includedquite a wide range of products to give you an idea which one will be better for you. Our reviews will mention key features like the number of racks, automated chip feeders, chamber lighting, better temperature control, larger smoking space, insulation, and other important features that users may be interested in.

We’ll also throw in the downsides with the good features – that’s how brutally honest we are with our reviews. The goal of course is to provide you with all the info you need to find the best smokers out there. Happy smoking!