Smokin Tex Pro 1400 Electric Smoker Review

Smokin Tex Pro 1400: Small Stainless Steel Wonder

Smokin Tex Pro 1400 Electric Smoker

Smokin Tex Pro Smoker

The Smokin Tex Pro 1400 is one of the best electric smokers I have seen in action. It’s a pretty tough piece of cooking equipment. I know, I have had mine for more than three years now. If you check the other electric smoker reviews on the Internet some have stated that their units are defective. I think that is a subjective observation since this electric smoker is also very highly rated.

Best Features of the Smokin Tex Smoker

  • Built To Last

I don’t know what is with stainless steel but I tend to trust it when I see it. I guess it’s just the old man in me. Well, other than that, I can attest to how tough this thing really is. I kind of banged it up on several occasions since I want to do my smoking and grilling both indoors and outdoors. In spite of the number of times I messed up it still kept on smoking every piece of meat I put in.

  • Huge Capacity

The Tex Pro model 1400 has a pretty huge cooking capacity. The manufacturer estimates that it has a total capacity of 38 pounds for each load. That’s a huge load of meat – big enough to feed an average crowd in a weekend party.

  • Mobile and Easy to Move Around

The four wheels at the bottom of the model 1400 BBQ Guys smoker make the entire unit very easy to move around. That’s very useful for me since I prepare and do the initial smoking indoors and then finish up outdoors as I welcome guests in our backyard. The power cord has a total length of about six feet, which is great – that’s long enough so that I can position the unit properly without any hassles.

  • It Can Be Used to Cook Any Electric Smoker Recipes

The 700 watt heating element is powerful enough to cook just about anything. You can stick three grills in it so that you can cook different types of food all at the same time. Did I also mention that the model 1400 comes with a cookbook that has a bunch smoker recipes that are pretty good?

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Key Features

  • Constructed out of solid stainless steel
  • Large cooking capacity for each load
  • Comes with a heating element with a 700 watt capacity
  • comes with a six foot power cord and outfitted with wheels at the bottom for better mobility
  • Cooking paraphernalia includes drip pan and three grills
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Downsides and Drawbacks

Make no mistake about it; I really love this stainless steel smoker. However, if there is a feature that can be added to the ST 1400 to make it even better I would have to say it’s a light or an indicator that will tell the user that the unit is powered on and is currently smoking meat. Nevertheless, I still think the Smokin Tex Pro 1400 one of the best smokers today.

 Smokin Tex Pro 1400 – Final Verdict

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Smokin Tex Pro 1400

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Smokin Tex Pro 1400
Enjoy authentic old-fashioned pit barbecue and delicious natural wood smoked foods. Your food is slow cooked with exact temperature control from 100-250 degrees. The smokin tex is easy to use, just plug it in, put in the wood and food, shut the door, and set the temperature. No attention needed while cooking! All stainless steel construction to survive the elements. 2 inches higher for extra ribs, sausage, or jerky. 14.5 in. x 14.5 in. Cooking rack with an 800 watt heating element.

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