Smoke Hollow 34-Inch Smoker Review

Good Option for Beginners and the Curious

Smoke Hollow LPG Smoker is the kind of product that shined for quite some time. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued by the manufacturer. However, there are retailers who still have these smokers in stock and will sell them until they run out of supplies.


Is this the best product that Smoke Hollow ever came up with? No. But it is one of the products that gave birth to some of the other smokers in the market. The cabinet, the chamber where you do the actual meat smoking, has a capacity of 2.1 cubic feet. It’s not that big – but it is big enough to prepare food for a small family of four.

First Impressions

Smoke Hollow 34162G LPG Smoker

Smoke Hollow 34162G LPG Smoker

This propane smoker creates a pretty good first impression. It features solid steel construction. Most of the parts are welded though – the other Smoke Hollow smoker models have cabinets that have been made out of a single sheet of metal; thus producing fewer welds. The fewer the welds the better it is at containing smoke and the longer the unit will endure.

It has pretty good aesthetics. The handles on the side can get hot though. It is equipped with a phenolic door handle. And the door locks into place really tight to keep all the smoke in. Of course you should expect some of the smoke to leak out – it happens even with the most expensive lp-smokers.

Specs and Technical Info

  • Smoker Type: propane smoker
  • Fuel type: liquefied petroleum gas
  • Cabinet type: welded steel
  • Features push button ignition system
  • Burner: cast brass
  • Product Dimensions: 24″ x 19″ x 44″
  • Weight: 52 pounds
  • Heat output: 13,500 BTUs

Best Selling Features

The following are the features that many customers really like about this smoker.

  • Does the job well

This Smoke Hollow smoker does a pretty good job – even better than any run off the mill charcoal smoker. In fact, some customers say that it is a lot easier to control the temperature with this smoker than any charcoal smoker you can find. Bottom line here is that a lot of people believe that it does what it is designed to do.

  • Easy to Assemble

When you have a huge metal object to put together like this Smoke Hollow LPG Smoker, expect to do some slight heavy lifting. However, everything is definitely easy to put together.

  • Great for Outdoor Camping Trips

This unit is pretty sturdy and it’s tough enough for outdoor use. Some customers have brought theirs on camping trips and this one is portable enough to carry around just about anywhere.


The Cons

There is a reason why Smoke Hollow has discontinued the manufacturing and sale of this particular smoker. Of course, they worked out some of the bugs and made improvements. For instance, one customer complained that the thermometer on the unit didn’t work; it was already broken when it was delivered.

The issues raised by customers could be fixed easily. However, remember that you also have a choice to either get this discontinued item (which is a lot cheaper) or just get the latest model that doesn’t have the old bugs.


The Smoke Hollow 34162G is a good smoker for people who want to try smoking meat and other food. It’s easier on the budget compared to many premium brands. It may not be perfect but it delivers as advertised.




Smoke Hollow 38202G LPG 2-Door Smoker, 38-Inch

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52 ratings.
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Food Smoker Reviews
Smoke Hollow 38202G LPG 2-Door Smoker, 38-Inch
Smoke Hollow model # 38202 vertical LP gas smoker. The 38-inch double door cabinet offers the second most cooking capacity of any Smoke Hollow Smoker. Our 38-inch smoker has a two door system that allows the user to feed the water and wood pans without having to open the top door and releasing heat and smoke. Making it easier to control internal heat and moisture. It also features a cast brass gas control system that gives the user ultimate control and also increases the low to high temperature range.

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