Masterbuilt GS40 Propane Smoker Review

Large Capacity for Large Appetites

In my opinion, the Masterbuilt GS40 Black Propane Smoker, 40-Inch lives up to its name. I think this gas smoker is truly masterfully built. The biggest thing I like about it is its capacity. You can fit a lot of food inside there and get it all done at the same time. It’s a pretty neat feature in case you’re cooking a ton of food for guests.

Accurate Temp Gauge

Masterbuilt GS40 Black Propane Smoker

Masterbuilt GS40 Propane Smoker

If you want to smoke your food really well then you have to make sure you’re getting accurate temperature readings off your thermometer or temp gauge. If the meat is too cold you’ll end up with nothing more than cold turkey sitting in a steel box and not get anything done. I even used an oven thermometer and found that the temp gauge is really that accurate.

Sweet Temperature Control

I used to think that only electric smokers were the ones who can keep up with spot on temperature control. Sometimes it’s just plain hard to keep these things hot to cook any meat. This Masterbuilt smoker behaves pretty much like an electric when it comes to temp control. The first time I tried it I watched the gauge on regular intervals and was amazingly surprised that this propane gas smoker is able to maintain the temperature quite accurately.

Another great thing about this Masterbuilt product is the fact that it can regain the lost temperature rather quickly. There are times when you have to add a few spices and herbs to make the meat smell and taste like it should (it all depends on the smoker recipes you’re using). This is one of the meanest propane smokers when it comes to temperature regulation.

Pretty Large Capacity

If you want me to describe the dimensions and size of the Masterbuilt GS40 Black Propane Smoker, I would just simply say it’s pretty big. It weighs more than 85 pounds and the box is more than three feet tall (I guess, didn’t bother to measure) but since I can fit more than two large turkeys in this thing, you can just imagine its total capacity.

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Key Features

  • Accurate Built in thermometer/temp gauge
  • Four separate racks for smoking
  • Large capacity (it can contain about three large turkeys – which is perfect for thanksgiving)
  • The unit can easily get the heat right back up in case you have to open the door
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Downsides and Negatives

Even though in my opinion this is one of the best smokers out there, I can name at least one thing that may need a bit of improvement about this smoker. The drip pan is obviously too small given the cooking capacity of this thing. I used the drip pan from my old smoker, which did the trick. In spite of that small drawback, I think the Masterbuilt GS40 Black Propane Smoker, 40-Inch is worth every dollar I spent on it.

Masterbuilt GS40 – Final Verdict

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Masterbuilt 20050211 Black Propane Smoker, 40-Inch

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746 ratings.
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Food Smoker Reviews Masterbuilt Propane Smokers Under $300
Masterbuilt 20050211 Black Propane Smoker, 40-Inch
The rich, full flavor of slow-cooked food has been a staple of outdoor cookouts. The Masterbuilt 40-inch Extra Large Vertical Gas Smoker delivers smokehouse flavor as easy as grilling! This gas smoker come fully equipped with two doors, making adding woods chips or water easy and with minimal heat loss allowing you to have as much or as little smoky flavor you would like for your foods. This extra large smoker has over 1,300 square inches of total cooking space on four chrome cooking racks. This smoker also has 15,400 BTU’s with a stainless steel burner. With its convenient, built-in temperature gauge right in the door, you will always know the temperature of your food while it still cooks. The locking door design helps to keep the heat and smoky flavor inside. The push-button ignition makes start up easy. Whether you’re cooking pork, chicken, beef or seafood, the delightfully smoky aroma that permeates from the Masterbuilt 40-inch Extra Large Vertical Gas Smoker has a way of making friends and family flock around the smoker in the spirit of good times and good food!

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