Landmann 34″ Smoky Mount Smoker Review

Cheaper Alternative, Better Than Charcoal

The 34″ Smoky Mount Smoker is a more affordable option provided by Landmann. Gas smokers can be a bit expensive but they provide better and more even temperature compared to charcoal smokers. They may not provide the same pinpoint level of temperature controls as electric models, but gas smokers are cheaper, which makes this Smoky Mount a good option for people who are on a budget.

First Impressions

34" Smoky Mount Smoker

34″ Smoky Mount Smoker

Other than the price, Landmann’s Smoky Mount gas smoker has a lot to offer. The solid steel construction leaves a pretty good first impression to a lot of consumers. It does look well built. Its interiors (i.e. smoking chamber) provide a spacious cooking area.

Specs and Technical Info

  • Smoker Type: gas smoker/propane smoker
  • Construction: steel
  • Color: black
  • Product Dimensions: 18″ x 21″ x 43.2″
  • Cyclone function for extra juice extraction from the pulp
  • 3 cooking grates
  • Weight: 58.2 pounds
  • Easy access door

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Best Selling Features

The following are the features that many customers really like about this Landmann smoker.

  • Better Temperature Control

A lot of customers who used to smoke food using charcoal smokers were really impressed with this Landmann. It provides much better temperature control compared to any charcoal smoker they have ever used. Customers can now leave their smokers alone for a time and do other things – you don’t have to watch the thing the whole time.

  • No Chemical or Gas Smell

The gas (i.e. propane gas) that is used for smoking doesn’t leak into the smoking chamber. This is one of the really good features of this Smoky Mount. Many customers report that they only get the smoked flavors on their food and nothing else.

  • Pleanty of Room in the Smoking Chamber

This gas smoker has plenty of room inside its smoking chamber. You can actually fit a rack of ribs in there. Some folks are more comfortable with managing the cooking space using the removable cooking racks. You can reconfigure the three grills as you wish. You can place the veggies and spices that cook really fast on top while the meat can stay near the heat.

The Cons

Make sure to watch the temperature when you add water or chips – temperature can change drastically. Once the temp is back on track, you can go back to whatever it was you were doing. Just keep the door shut as much as possible.

Some customers report that their units leaked too much smoke. Of course, you can’t keep all the smoke inside. However, if too much smoke leaks out you can be sure that the heat also escapes with it. One countermeasure that some consumers have used is to use tape that is heat resistant. They use it to cover the spaces on the door where the smoke escapes through.


The Landmann 34″ Smoky Mount Smoker is an affordable option provided by one of the leading names in the meat smoker industry. Landmann is a trusted brand. Is this their best product? Well, if you ask the customers that have used Landmann’s, then the answer is probably not – they have other models that are better but are more expensive. But if you don’t mind the few downsides, then this is a smoker that may just fit your budget and get your meat smoked to perfection.

Final Verdict

34" Smoky Mount Smoker

Landmann 34″ Smoky Mount Smoker

Average customer review out of 7 reviews:

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34″ Smoky Mount Smoker

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Food Smoker Reviews Landmann Under $300
34″ Smoky Mount Smoker
3405GW -Exterior Material: Steel. -Interior Material: Steel. -Rack Material: Chrome Plated Steel. -Fuel Type: Gas. -Configuration: Vertical. -Smoking Method: Water Smoker. -Smoker And Grill: No. -Ignition Type: Rotary. -Assembled Dimensions Height: 43.25. -Assembled Dimensions Width: 21. -Assembled Dimensions Depth: 18. -Assembled Weight: 52.8.
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