Camp Chef Vault Smoker Review

Switching from Charcoal to Propane

I recommend the Camp Chef S24in Smoker VAULT with Stainless Door is designed for anyone who is serious about smoking. I used to smoke turkey, pork, beef, and other stuff using a charcoal smoker but it was a huge pain. Clean up time was also a big horror story. My solution was, of course, switch to using outdoor smokers powered by propane.

Who is This Smoker Suited For?

Camp Chef SMV-24S 24in Smoker VAULT

Camp Chef 24in with Stainless Door Smoker

Like I said earlier, the SMV-24S is designed for people who are serious about smoking meat and fishes. If you feel that that is something you’ll be doing for many years to come then you better cough some extra cash and get this smoker.

It’s not for budget conscious consumers simply because it will cost you a bit more money. If you’re new to smoking meat, I think you better try a cheaper model. But if you’re dog headed serious about it, then this one will not disappoint.

Best Things that I Like About this Smoker

  • BETTER TEMPERATURE LIMIT AND CONTROL: Propane smokers always have better control over the internal temperature in the main smoking box. Electric smokers may be slightly better but they can’t reach the temperatures that propane smokers can make. The SMV-24S for instance can go to as high as 245 degrees effortlessly. It can even go higher on warmer days.
  • LARGE ENOUGH SPACE: This Camp Chef propane smoker provides its users with enough cooking space. You can cook food for a party of five or six and still have enough for leftovers.
  • BETTER IGNITION: This is another advantage of this propane tank smoker over charcoal smokers. It has push button ignition and you can get started smoking your food in no time. Try to do that with a charcoal smoker on a cold windy day.

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  • This gas smoker comes with a burner that produces 18,000 BTUs of heat for optimum smoking. Note that the internal temperature in its main smoking chamber ranges from 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 245 degrees Fahrenheit. Note that the housing is not insulated thus its internal temperature can be affected by current weather conditions.
  • This propane smoker grill features solid metal construction. The grates (smoking racks) are made out of cast iron. Water pan is constructed out of stainless steel.
  • This propane gas smoker comes with wide stance legs for better balance.
  • The Camp Chef smoker model SMV-24S has the following dimensions: 15.5” x 24” x 29” (D x W x H). It has enough cooking space for a group of four to six people.
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The SMV-24S propane grill smoker is a big improvement over any charcoal smoker. However, I should warn you that this Smoker Vault is not insulated. It can’t keep the outside cold out. I bought a cover for it so I won’t lose any heat during a cold day. Other than that, the Camp Chef 24in Smoker VAULT is highly recommended for serious meat smoking.

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