Brinkman Vertical Cooker Review

A Smoker Built for Beginners

The Brinkman 8105502W Vertical Cooker is my first real smoker. I got it as a wedding anniversary present from my son. I have been doing smoked dishes in my kettle grill for some years already before this cooker arrived. It is not an expensive smoker but it does the smoking job quite well.

Brinkman Vertical Cooker

Brinkman 8105502W

It is great to smoke pork shoulder, ribs, and brisket in it. I do smoker recipes only on special occasions so that’s only a handful in a year. We have had a number of delicious dinners with it and that makes me happy.

Few Reasons Why I Greatly Love this Cooker

  • LIGHT: I love this vertical smoker because it is light to carry. We have a family camp out last year. I brought it because I want to smoke some of the fishes that we might catch during the trip. I am glad that carrying this cooker is not a burden at all.

It is light enough to be carried to our camp site. I did smoke a portion of our catch that day and everyone in the family enjoyed a delicious smoked fish dinner that night. It was delicious and everyone loved my work.

  • ECONOMICAL: Another good feature about this Brinkman vertical smoker is that I can use large pieces of wood as fuel. I have observed that when I add small logs to the burning charcoal, they easily bring the cooking temperature to a higher level and the meat is more flavorful and smells nicely.

These chunks of wood also helped to lengthen the life of the fire and heat. Overall, I find this smoker economical with fuel use especially when I add small logs into it.

  • DOES THE JOB: When I asked my son how much he spent for this BBQ smoker after months of using it, I was surprised of its low price. I thought that it was the expensive kind because it really smokes well. Its smoking performance can be compared to those expensive ones. Each dish turns out delicious and perfect and better than when I use the kettle grill to smoke.

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Best Features

  • This vertical charcoal smoker is made of firm steel gauge. It has four adjustable air vents that let you control the smoke and heat.
  • The total cooking space of this Brinkman smoker is 354 square inches. That is spacious enough to do your favorite smoker recipes.
  • The front-locking doors of this charcoal BBQ provides easy access to the food that you are cooking and to both the charcoal and water pans for refills.
  • The cooking grates of this Brinkman smoker are chrome-coated. They are all corrosion and rust resistant. They are also very easy to clean after each smoking session.
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The Brinkmann charcoal smoker is a good first smoker for me. I came to love it because it helped me learn more about smoking techniques. The only issue that caught my attention at the beginning is that there are no holes on the charcoal pan for air circulation.

I had to purchase an adjustable charcoal grate and everything went well with it. I highly recommend this Brinkman 8105502W Vertical Cooker smoking beginners. It is a great tool for experimenting smoker recipes.

Final Verdict

Brinkman Vertical Cooker

Brinkman 8105502W Vertical Cooker

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Brinkman 8105502W Vertical Charcoal Cooker

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Brinkman Charcoal Smokers Under $200
Brinkman 8105502W Vertical Charcoal Cooker
Features unique slide-out water and charcoal pans, removable ash tray for safety and convenience, plus 354 sq. inches of cooking space. Heavy-gauge steel construction with black powder-coated finish. Two porcelain-coated removable cooking racks and stay-cool chrome-plated locking handle.

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