Weston Vertical Propane Smoker Review

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I bought this Weston Outdoor Vertical Propane Smoker because at first sight, I can see that it has all the features that I wanted for a smoker and at a price that I can afford. I’m glad to say that I was not disappointed with my purchase. It is easy to use, makes delicious smoked dishes, and affordable. I don’t do smoker recipes that frequently though.

The smoker has been with me for months now but I have only used it for four times only. It was a week ago that I last used it and I smoked beef jerky in it. It was the best beef jerky that I have ever tasted.

Top Reasons Why I Purchased this Outdoor Smoker

Weston Outdoor Smoker

Weston Prago Outdoor Smoker

  • DELICIOUS DISHES: I may have only used this Weston vertical smoker for a handful of times but all my dishes turned out very flavorful. The smoke flavor really permeates into the meat thus making each dish smelling good and mouth-watery. Once I smoked pork baby back ribs in it for a dinner party with my friends at home. Everyone appreciated the food and my cooking skills. It gladdens my heart to be appreciated by my friends.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: When the package arrived, I assembled this propane gas smoker on my own. It took me about an hour or so to put everything up and make it ready for the first smoke recipe that I want to try. Even if the assembly instructions are not that clear, I was still able to figure out how to do it right. This smoker is not only easy to assemble but easy to use as well.
  • REASONABLE PRICE: I am really impressed with this BBQ smoker. Its price is very reasonable for a vertical smoker compared to other brands. However, its performance can be matched with those on the higher-end of the bracket. I now know that I still can enjoy flavorful smoked foods using my low priced vertical gas smoker. I am pleased with this piece of equipment and I highly recommend it to anyone.

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Best Features

  • This Weston Prago vertical gas smoker adapts the rotary igniter system. It starts up easily and it has an adjustable delivery system for propane gas fuel.
  • This unit of propane smoker has a smoking box and wood chips pan that are made from cast iron.
  • The built-in external temperature gauge of this gas BBQ smoker can accurately read the internal temperature of the cooker.
  • This Weston vertical propane smoker has a fully welded body with heavy-duty gauge. It has the appearance of a black-coated steel cabinet for durability.
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I am really a satisfied user of this Weston Prago gas smoker. I don’t find it difficult to use the unit and it produces tender juicy dishes. My only complaint is that some of the smoke escapes at the edges of the smoker. I think the door needs to be sealed although the amount of smoke that escapes doesn’t affect the quality of the dish being cooked inside.

It would have been nice if there is no escaping smoke. However, this Outdoor Vertical Propane Smoker is still a great entry level smoker for anyone based on price and performance.

Final Verdict

Weston Vertical Propane Smoker

Weston Vertical Smoker

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Weston Prago Outdoor Propane Vertical Smoker, 30-Inch, Black

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Weston Prago Outdoor Propane Vertical Smoker, 30-Inch, Black
Prago’s 30 Inch Outdoor Propane Vertical Smoker has rotary igniter for easy start-up and fully adjustable propane fuel delivery system. External temperature gauge accurately displays the internal temperature of the smoker. Includes a cast iron wood chips/smoking box, and a fully welded, heavy gauge, black-coated steel cooking cabinet.


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