Traeger Portable Grill Review

My Best Grill for the Outdoors

The Traeger Portable Grill PTG has become my favorite picnic grill. Its compact design is perfect. I can store it at the back of my truck whenever I bring it along for an outdoor trip. Other than being a compact portable grill, it also becomes the center of attention in any gathering. Everyone in the family just loves how the food comes out of it.

Traeger Grill PTG

Traeger Portable Grill

It’s not that heavy, since it only weighs a total of 40 pounds or so. However, I still have someone to help me load and unload it onto my truck. I’m not as strong as I used to be. I have been using it every weekend for the past few months and it can take a good deal of punishment. In spite of the lightweight materials that were used to make it, it’s surprisingly durable.

Some of the Best Things that I have Enjoyed from this Grill

  • CONVENIENCE AND PORTABILITY: This new portable Traeger grill is several notches better than the other portable grills. It even surpasses the performance of other Traeger products including the Traeger Junior. This is a little smaller than the Junior and I think it is better designed for camping and fishing trips. I must admit that the grill size is also smaller but it is better suited for grilling in the outdoors. This grill has lived up to all my expectations.
  • NEW SHUTDOWN FEATURE: Another good thing that I should mention about this PTB Traeger grill is its new shutdown feature. Take note that the firebox of any grill/smoker that takes on a similar design usually gets clogged up with lots of ash. That’s going to be a problem in the future and may cause some really serious damage. This new shutdown feature will keep the fan on this unit running for about 10 minutes until the last pellets are burned out.
  • BROUGHT THE ENTIRE FAMILY CLOSER: Here’s something that you usually won’t hear about portable grills in general. Ever since we bought this grill, my wife and kids have come to love grilled food. They love it so much that they even try cooking themselves.  My kids help with preparing the rub and the meat. They even stay with me to make sure that the food gets cooked as they like it. We just love the smoky rich flavor and the entire cook fest has brought our family closer.

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Key Features

  • This portable BBQ grill total grilling area dimensions are 15” x 12”, which is the equivalent of 169 square inches.
  • Grill dimensions are: 13 x 21 x 17 inches.
  • Designed for portability. Perfect for picnics and tailgating. Takes on a more compact design.
  • comes with a standard 3 speed controller
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The downside I would like to mention has no direct impact on the quality of this grill. You see, I bought this grill with the stand because it was advertised (more like “suggested”) on the sale’s page I saw on the Internet. Unfortunately, it isn’t great for outdoor grilling. It has 18 screws that you have to deal with, which will be bothersome when you’re packing things up. Other than that minor setback, I still think the Traeger Portable Grill PTG is the best grill for the outdoors.

Final Verdict

Traeger Portable Grill

Traeger Portable Grill PTG

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Traeger Portable Grill PTG

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Traeger Portable Grill PTG
The PTG, our new portable Traeger! The perfect solution for anyone looking to bring the same great Traeger taste to camping, tailgating, picnicking, the college student, boating or whatever awaits you. Wherever you can go, it can go!

The grill comes standard with the 3-speed controller. Can be upgraded to the Traeger digital controller made specifically for this grill. Model # on the controller needed for the upgrade is BAC315.
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