Smoke Hollow LPG Smoker Review

More Than Meets the Eye

Smoke Hollow 30164G Smoker is one of the highest rated propane smokers in the market today. Other than its superb construction, the other thing that many customers like about it is its price. The single sheet construction is already an advantage (see details below). There’s actually a lot to like about this particular product.

First Impressions

Smoke Hollow Smoker, 30-Inch

Smoke Hollow Smoker, 30-Inch

As far as any LPG smoker would go, you wouldn’t expect much from this Smoke Hollow. It’s about the same size and shape as the other competing brands in the market. This is the type of product that you need to try first in order to get past the usual out of the box experience.

Specs and Technical Info

  • Smoker type: propane smoker
  • Outdoor design
  • Temperature gauge at the unit’s door
  • Door equipped with lock and spring handle
  • Product Dimensions: 21″ x 19″ x 39″
  • 5 Feet Cooking Capacity
  • Chrome plated grills
  • Produces 10,000 BTUs

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Best Selling Features

The following are the features that many customers really like about this LPG smoker.

  • Better at Maintaining Temperature

This Smoke Hollow is better at maintaining the temperature compared to charcoal smokers. However, do take note that its temperature does fluctuate. The good news is that the thermometer on the door is fairly accurate but if you want to be sure you can use a separate electronic temperature gauge.

  • Better Suited for Colder Places

Other than its ability to maintain its internal temperature, this LP gas smoker this model is more dynamic in that it can reach higher temperatures. If winters get too cold in your place then this is a smoker that is well suited for such conditions. You’ll find customers who love the temperature range of this smoker.

  • Attractively Priced

The Smoke Hollow 30164G is more affordable compared to other competing propane smoker brands. When it comes to product quality, it’s at par with the best in the market today. You can think of it like getting a discount on your next smoker.

  • 1 Piece Steel Plate Construction

The cabinet of the Smoke Hollow LPG Smoker is constructed out of a single steel sheet. That type of construction makes it sturdier since there are fewer welds and joins. Other than the tougher construction, this style also allows the smoker cabinet to retain more heat and keep an even temperature.

The Cons

You won’t find a lot of complaints about this propane smoker – the majority of customers who bought this smoker are pretty satisfied. However, one customer complained that the drip can was damaged when it was delivered. It could have been a factory defect.

The good news is that the complaints and issues that customers raise are only minor. Replacements have been sent to replace defective parts (and even defective smokers). Needless to say, the company’s customer support is top notch.


You may not get a great first impression from the Smoke Hollow LPG Smoker, 30-Inch but it does have a lot to offer. A lot of customers just had to take a closer look before they realize that it’s one of the best propane smokers for the price.

Final Verdict

Smoke Hollow 30164G LPG Smoker

Smoke Hollow 30164G LPG Smoker, 30-Inch

Average customer review out of 38 reviews:

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Smoke Hollow 30164G LPG Smoker, 30-Inch

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Smoke Hollow 30164G LPG Smoker, 30-Inch
Offering over 1.5 cubic feet of cooking capacity, the 30″ Outdoor Leisure Gas Smoker features 3 chrome-plated cooking grids, 1 powder-coated steel wood chip pan and a commercial-quality temperature gauge. Fully-welded, 1-piece steel cabinet construction guarantees consistent temperatures. Porcelain coated water/drip pan resists rust for long-lasting use. Stainless steel tube burner provides 10,000 BTUs of constant heat for smoking meat and fish. Cool-touch, spring wire door handle features a “Sure-Lock” latch.

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