The Great Outdoors Gas Smoker Review

A Big Upgrade to Charcoal Smokers

I bought this gas smoker manufactured by The Great Outdoors Company due to its affordable price. I was looking for a budget smoker that was easy to use. I also wanted to get something that was better than a charcoal smoker.

I’ve seen charcoal smokers in action first hand and I find them quite cumbersome. The temperature is hard to control plus cleaning it up means that you have to deal with a huge mess. But you have to give it to charcoal smokers for being cheaper. Nevertheless, I’m willing to spend a few extra dollars on a propane smoker for some added convenience.

Who is It Suited For?

The Great Outdoors Gas Smoker

Outdoors Gas Smoker

The Great Outdoors grill is best suited for those who need a more affordable alternative to high end smoker models. If you’re looking for an upgrade from charcoal smokers minus the extra cost, then this one is a good option.

Product Highlights

  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: This gas smoker is relatively easier to assemble. If not only for one small minor issue (please see my downsides section) I would have assembled the entire thing in less than 20 minutes. The entire assembly process is pretty straightforward.
  • LARGE COOKING CABINET: This gas smoker grill comes with enough space to cook food for 3 to 5 people. I was able to smoke three large racks of ribs at one time. I was also able to smoke three regular sized chickens with no problems.
  • BETTER TEMPERATURE CONTROL COMPARED TO CHARCOAL MODELS: This smoker grill is so much better than charcoal models when it comes to temperature control. The trick is in the controlling the gas flow and the using the vent. You can keep the temperature below 200 degrees Fahrenheit by adjusting the vent opening.

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  • This gas grill features heavy gauge steel construction. The cooking cabinet is made out of solid steel. Its burner is made completely from cast brass.
  • Its cooking grids are chrome plated and are designed oven style. Grids are removable – you can adjust their height in the cooking chamber.
  • The dimensions of this propane smoker are as follows: 30” x 16” x 14”. Its total shipping weight is 44 pounds (includes other accessories in the package).
  • This smoker has the door on the front. It also features a front door handle, heat indicator, burner controls, and an igniter.
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The Great Outdoors smoker is quite good even though it does have a few issues. For instance, when my order was delivered, there were a couple of screws missing. I couldn’t put all the pieces together properly. I had to call customer service and they sent me some screws after two days.

The smoker also gets a bit too hot. If you’re smoking food you don’t want too much heat inside the cooking cabinet. One customer suggested in his smoker review to get a needle valve and attach it to the hose. You basically attach the valve to the hose and it will help fine tune the gas flow.

It’s an extra cost and I wish the manufacturers of the The Great Outdoors Gas Smoker thought of that before they sold this product. Other than that, it’s really a good budget smoker.

Final Verdict

The Great Outdoors Gas Smoker

The Great Outdoors Gas Smoker

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Gas Smoker The Great Outdoors Under $200
The Great Outdoors Gas Smoker
Two adjustable oven style chrome plated cooking grids; One fully adjustable damper for best cooking performance; Three adjustment levels; 13,500 BTU’s; Cast nameplate w/full range heat indicator; Cast brass burner w/fully adjustable control; Push button ignitor; Fully welded heavy gauge steel cooking cabinet; Cool grip, locking front door handle; Full size door opening; Wide stance leg pattern
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