Medina River Outdoors Smoker Review

A Very Impressive Smoker Griller

I received the Medina River Outdoors 67 Jumbo Smoker/Grill Combo in great condition. I have used this smoker regularly twice a week for more than a year now. I am satisfied with its performance and it works very well. I haven’t encountered any problems yet when smoking ribs, chickens, and pork. I have also grilled rib eyes in it and they all turned out very delicious and mouth-watering. This is a wonderful smoker griller for its price range.

Medina River Outdoors 67 Jumbo Smoker/Grill Combo

Jumbo Smoker/Grill

Some Excellent Reasons Why I Chose Medina River Smoker

  • COMPREHENSIVE INSTRUCTIONS: After the arrival of the Medina smoker at home, I immediately unpacked it. I read the instructions and found out that they are really easy to follow. The instructions are also very thorough and I have never gone wrong upon following them. Assembly is not that difficult at all and I finished the installation for about an hour. I did ask for some assistance upon assembling the stand but the rest I did on my own.
  • GOOD QUALITY: I am satisfied with the quality of the materials used to construct this smoker grill. The way this smoker is built tells me that it will last for many years before retiring from its job. I have oftentimes compared its body built against those displayed in home improvement centers and department stores. I have come to a conclusion that this unit is sturdier and more durable than them. It is truly worth the money that I paid for.
  • COOKS GREAT: I admit that I am not that great when it comes to cooking. However, when I started using this Medina River smoker and griller, I have noticed that my dishes have turned out to be more flavorful and delicious. The first person that noticed the dramatic difference is my husband. He is my favorite food critic and I have never heard a negative comment from him when I serve him the dishes that come out from this Medina smoker.

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Best Features

  • The banded ash door and tight fitting doors of this griller smoker will let you control the airflow freely from the exhaust stack flute and the ash door baffel.
  • There are charcoal grates added inside the smoking chamber of the Medina River smoker so that if you want to do some grilling in there, then it’s an available option for you.
  • The grill size of the smoker griller is 40 inches by 20 inches. The size of the fire box is 20 inches by 20 inches.
  • The additional grilling grates inside the fire box of the griller will allow you to do some grilling while smoking something.
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This Medina charcoal smoker is designed for those who are fanatic in charcoal smoking. I am totally impressed with the body built and cooking capabilities of this product. I know that it’s mentioned in the documentation that there is no grill tab with this unit. However, I just wish that there is one. But I will still say that I am totally happy and satisfied with my purchase of this Medina River Outdoors 67 Jumbo Smoker/Grill Combo.

Final Verdict

Medina River Outdoors 67 Jumbo Smoker/Grill Combo

Medina River Outdoors 67 Jumbo Smoker/Grill Combo

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Medina River Outdoors 67 Jumbo Smoker/Grill Combo

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Medina River Outdoors 67 Jumbo Smoker/Grill Combo
The Medina River Jumbo Smoker/Grill Combo is designed for the Charcoaling Enthusiasts. It has all of the valued featuresof any large smoker/grill. Because we have added grilling grates to the Fire Box you can grill while smoking. We went one step further by adding charcoal grates to the Smoking Chamber so if you want to grill in the Smoking Chamber that option is available. With tight fitting doors and banded Ash Door you will ge able to control the air flow with the Ash Door Baffel and the Exhaust Stack Flute.
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