Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Review

A Smoker that Delivers Results

I am very pleased with this Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse Smoker and I have been using it frequently these past few months. I have used it to cook two pieces of sirloin tip roasts, eight racks of beef ribs, whole chicken wings, corn, Boston butt, hot peppers, black tipped shark, turkey legs, and a lot more!

I am very specific with my beef roasts. They should be rare and this smokehouse cooks them perfectly. This unit has good and functional features that are very helpful in achieving perfect results for my recipes. It was really a good purchase and very worthwhile.

Highlights that I Truly Love about this Smoker

Masterbuilt 20070512 40-Inch Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt 20070512 40-Inch Front Controller Electric Smoker

  • HANDHELD REMOTE CONTROL: The remote control of this Masterbuilt electric smoker is very handy to use. I use it to set the time and temperature that I desire. I also use it to turn on or off the light inside the smokehouse. I also use it to check the meat probe temperature for consistency. This is really an amazing tool. It provides convenience and efficiency while waiting for the food to get cooked.
  • ACCURATE MEAT THERMOMETER: I have already tried a number of smokers and this is one of those few smokers that reflected accurate meat temperature. I even double checked it against a separate digital thermometer to see if both thermometers have the same readings.

They almost have similar readings with a slight difference of a degree or two. This is very significant because I don’t need to open the door of the smoker just to check the meat temperature. All I have to do is push a button to know the reading.

  • WELL-INSULATED: This electric smoker has very good insulation. It can reach to my desired temperature within minutes. For example, the smoker can heat up to 225 degrees in less than twenty minutes against the outside air temperature of 46 degrees. That is a reasonable length of time for me. The design of the smoker seems to be solid and well-built. I think this cooker can stay functional for many years with proper care and maintenance.

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Best Features

  • The RF remote control of this Masterbuilt smokehouse can access the internal light, timer, and temperature readings of the meat and smoker interior.
  • This BBQ smoker has a built-in meat temperature probe and a viewing window. It also has built-in wheels and handles for easy transport.
  • The top portion of the Masterbuilt smoker has a blue LED display controller for the timer, meat and internal temperatures, and light. The total cooking space of this smokehouse is 900 square inches.
  • The locking door of this smoker has an inner liner to make sure that the smoky flavor and heat are retained inside.
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I have great experiences with this Masterbuilt electric smokehouse. I know that there is no perfect product because this smoker has its drawbacks, too. The viewing window is somewhat useless because I can’t clearly see what’s happening inside with all the smoke around. However, it is not a big factor to discourage you from buying it.

The Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse Smoker with Window and RF Controller is a wonderful product and I am happy and pleased with it.

Final Verdict

Masterbuilt Smokehouse Smoker

Masterbuilt Smokehouse Electric Smoker

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Masterbuilt 20070512 40-Inch Front Controller Electric Smoker with Window and RF Controller

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2,699 ratings.
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Food Smoker Reviews Masterbuilt Under $400
Masterbuilt 20070512 40-Inch Front Controller Electric Smoker with Window and RF Controller
The rich, full flavor of slow-cooked food has been a staple of outdoor cookouts. The Masterbuilt 40-inch Electric Digital Smokehouse delivers smokehouse flavor as easy as grilling! Not only does this electric, digital smoker come fully equipped with a blue LED display for easy viewing in direct sunlight, but it also has over 900 square inches of total cooking space on four chrome cooking racks. This smokehouse also has a NEW drip deflector and front access drip pan. The radio frequency remote brings the power of turning the smokehouse on or off to your fingertips. The RF remote also allows you to adjust the inside temperature of the smokehouse with ease. It also has a convenient, built-in meat probe that allows you to know the temperature of your food while it still cooks. The internal light lets you see your food smoke every time you want to check the cooking process. The locking door and the inner liner help to keep the heat and smoky flavor inside. The smooth operating wood chip loading system allows better smoke control allowing you to have as much or as little smoky flavor you would like for your foods. Whether you’re cooking pork, chicken, beef or seafood, the delightfully smoky aroma that permeates from the Masterbuilt 40-inch Electric Digital Smokehouse has a way of making friends and family flock around the smoker in the spirit of good times and good food!

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