King Kooker Outdoor Chef’s Smoker Review

The Outdoor Smoking Option

The King Kooker Outdoor Chef’s Smoker/Oven/Stove is the perfect tailgating smoker. It is also a good option in case you’re planning a fishing or hunting trip. It is attractively priced and very portable – the perfect combination for people who are love the outdoors.

First Impressions

King Kooker Smoker/Oven/Stove

King Kooker Smoker/Oven/Stove

One of the biggest selling points of the King Kooker 2607 Outdoor Chef’s Smoker is the fact that it doubles up as an oven and a stove. You can detach the smoking chamber and use the unit as an oven. Imagine cooking a fresh catch of fish right in the great outdoors.

Out of the box, customers usually find this smoker very easy to assemble. That also means you won’t have to fiddle about it too much when you’re out in the wild. Consumers can take it apart and put it together without a fuss. Assembled, it doesn’t occupy a lot of space – there will still be plenty of room in the back of your truck when you pack up for the trip.

Specs and Technical Info

  • Smoker Type: propane smoker
  • Design type: portable, outdoor
  • Construction: metal
  • Multi-functional design (also functions as stove and oven)
  • Product Dimensions: 10.5″ x 30.7″ x 16.9″
  • Weight: 46.4 pounds

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Best Selling Features

The following are the features that many customers really like about this outdoor smoker. The selection of features is based on actual customer comments.

  • Portability on the Go

Some customers have taken this outdoor smoker on camping and hunting trips. Its portability is a huge plus. It just takes around a minute or two to assemble. You can start cooking quickly – the fact that you can use it as a stove is also a big plus factor. There will be times when you don’t have time to smoke your fish or fowl while in the outdoors.

  • Great for Smoking Large Slabs of Meat

Consumers have cooked pretty much everything that you can fit into this smoker. Some customers have fitted a pair of full size chickens in the chamber and they have come out nicely cooked with that smoky flavor. Some have smoked two racks of ribs and it turned out great.

  • Perfect for Tailgating

You can let this King Kooker smoker cook your food while a game is going on. You don’t really have to watch this smoker all the time – that’s the case with this smoker. You can set it up, get the food smoking really well while you keep your eye on the game and not on the smoker.

The Cons

The King Kooker 2607 does have a few minor flaws. For one thing, customers have complained that the dial thermometer on the door can’t be trusted. They say that they used a third party temperature gauge to get a more accurate reading. This is a pretty common issue across different brands and models of smokers that have thermometers on the door.

One customer had to re-drill the hinges on their units. Again this is an isolated incident; you don’t need to be a handyman to get this smoker to work.


The King Kooker Outdoor Chef’s Smoker is a great option for people who need a smoker that they can take with them on outdoor trips. Its price also makes it an attractive choice.

Final Verdict

King Kooker Smoker/Oven/Stove

King Kooker 2607 Outdoor Chef’s Smoker/Oven/Stove

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King Kooker 2607 Outdoor Chef’s Smoker/Oven/Stove

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Food Smoker Reviews King Kooker Under $200
King Kooker 2607 Outdoor Chef’s Smoker/Oven/Stove
Bring the cooking comforts of home to the great outdoors. The Outdoor Chef’s Smoker/Oven/Stove combines the cooking features of a smoker, an oven and a stove. Smoke meats and veggies. Bake pizzas and cookies. Heat oil for frying, or boil water for coffee. Cooker operates off of a 1-pound disposable propane cylinder (sold separately). Smoker/Oven/Stove stores in the carrying bag for easy portability. Perfect for tailgating, hunting, fishing, camping or the backyard. The Outdoor Chef’s Smoker/Oven/Stove, your kitchen in the outdoors. Package Includes: Smoking Cabinet with Temperature Gauge, Low Pressure Listed LP Hose and Regulator with Manual Valve, 16,000 BTU Steel Burner, 2 Smoking Cabinet Racks, Removable Water Pan, Removable Wood Chip Pan with Vented Lid, Back Door for Easy Access and Minimal Heat Loss, Two Adjustable Side Dampers, Top Damper, Side Handles, Cooking Thermometer, Heavy Duty Bag for East Portability and Storage, Instruction/Recipe Booklet. CSA Design Certified.

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