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GrillPro Heavy-Duty Vertical Charcoal Smoker

GrillPro 31840 Smoker

I was looking at the GrillPro 31840 Vertical Charcoal Smoker a little bit of a while back that my friend bought; and I think that it was pretty good. It’s not perfect but at least it allowed my friend to enjoy the wonders of smoking your own meat for the very first time. It was his first hot smoking unit and I guess he’s pretty happy with it so I’m not complaining.

Nevertheless, since I was asked to write my own honest smoker review about this particular product then I will just have to relate what I have personally observed when I helped out my friend back then. This smoker grill is great for first timers but once you get the hang of the art of smoking, you’ll immediately see its weaknesses.

Great Things About this Smoker

  • LOTS AND LOTS OF ROOM: This GrillPro charcoal smoker offers its users a lot of room. If you’re the type who is new to cooking large servings then this vertical smoker will give you enough room to practice. This smoker offers you a total of 4.4 cubic feet of cooking space, which is about the size of a personal fridge (aka it’s big enough).
  • ALL THE BASICS ARE PROVIDED: Like I said earlier, this charcoal smoker grill will be great for newbies; they will have all the time in the world learning how to adjust the smoke vents properly, add water to the steam bowl to keep the meat moist, and a thermometer to help check and maintain the temperature. This may seem like a horrible experience for beginners at first but I promise you that if you get this done properly you’ll smoke your meats like a pro afterwards.
  • ADJUSTABLE RACKS: It doesn’t matter which smoker recipes you’re willing to try – it can be a huge whole turkey or just a regular batch of beef jerky ­– you can adjust the racks to provide more room in case you need it.

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 Key Features

  • Reasonable price
  • Good introductory product but obviously not the best one out there
  • This GrillPro smoker is designed for long term use
  • Offers a lot of room for your meat and other ingredients
  • Cast iron smoke box, chrome cooking racks, and it also comes with a steel water bowl
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The price is a bit heavy on budget; it won’t make you break the bank but I wish it was a little lower. And given the overall quality of this unit I think it’s definitely slightly overpriced. Slash off a few dollars and I guess it’s a price that I can agree with.

Not everything that is made of steel is high quality – I’ve seen many steel smokers and they range from poorly made to absolutely great. This one is somewhere in the middle; not top notch but good enough. I think I can recommend the GrillPro 31840 Heavy-Duty Vertical Charcoal Smoker to people who want to get their feet wet with smoking meats until they get a lot better.

GrillPro 31840 – Final Verdict

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GrillPro 31840 Heavy-Duty Vertical Charcoal Smoker

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GrillPro 31840 Heavy-Duty Vertical Charcoal Smoker
The GrillPro Heavy Duty Vertical Charcoal Smoker features a 24 gauge welded steel 4.4 cubic foot cook box with 3 fully adjustable chrome cooking grids. Also features 12 stainless mean hanging hooks and porcelain coated steel water bowl and drip pan. The heavy duty cast iron smoker box features adjustable side and rear air vents for precision heat control and door mounted accu-temp thermometer for perfect smoking time after time.
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