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My Smokin Tex Pro Series Electric Barbecue Smoker is a huge jump from my previous propane smoker. I guess it is actually several leaps and bounds better. I think this is the best smoker I have owned yet. It delivered everything as advertised and reported in different electric smoker reviews I have read.

Who is This Smoker For?

Smokin Tex Electric Barbecue Smoker

Smokin Tex 1100 Pro Series Barbecue Smoker

If want to learn how to make professional tasting and professional looking electric smoker recipes then you better spend a few extra dollars on this Smokin Tex. I know it’s expensive, a downside for some folks. But if you want to avoid all the aggravation from a cheap smoker then why not spend extra, right? This is the smoker grill for people who are serious about cooking really good food.

Great Things that I Like About this Electric Smoker

  • INSULATED INTERIORS: The old electric smokers I have seen aren’t insulated on the inside. That is why they have a hard time getting the heat up or keeping your meat moist. This smoker is designed to keep the humidity, smoke, and heat in. The result is better looking and better tasting recipes.
  • REAL SET AND FORGET SET UP: The way this smoker barbecue grill is set up is that you open it only twice. Once to put the food, wood chips, and water in, set the timer and temperature and that’s it. The only other time you open the door is when you take the food out. Oh yeah, you get to open it again for cleaning too, but you do that when all the guests have left.
  • JUST THE RIGHT SIZE: I like the size of this grill smoker. Some people may think that it’s too small but it all depends on what you actually need. It looks big on the outside but the space is a bit limited on the inside. It can smoke food for 3 to 5 people maximum.

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  • The Smokin Tex smoker model 1100 has the following dimensions: 14.75″ x 20.5″ x 21.25″ (W x D x H). Take note that the internal dimensions are smaller (about 2 to 5 inches) due to its inner walling. Cooking capacity is 23 pounds.
  • Just like other newer electric smoker units, it has an inner wall that helps to keep the cooking heat in. This acts as insulation and allows the smoker to maintain the temperature a lot better.
  • This Smokin Tex electric smoker has a heating element rated at 350 watts.
  • This electric barbecue smoker only weighs 50 pounds. However, customers may order wheels for the unit (optional, extra cost). It also comes with a pair of racks that give you a 12 x 12 cooking surface each.
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I think this is by far the best of the barbecue smokers I have seen. I have already mentioned all of the downsides I can think of. As a recap, some people might think that its capacity is too small. And some people may feel that this smoker is a bit too expensive. But all in all, the Smokin Tex 1100 Pro Series is a far better model than most smokers out there.

Final Verdict

Smokin Tex 1100 Pro Series Electric Smoker

Smokin Tex 1100 Pro Series Electric Barbecue Smoker

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Smokin Tex 1100 Pro Series Electric Barbecue Smoker

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Smokin Tex 1100 Pro Series Electric Barbecue Smoker
Easy to use. Put in wood and food, shut the door, and set the temperature No attention needed while cooking Thermostat for even temperature control Low, slow, and even temperature is gentle to food Smokes beef, pork, poultry, fish, seafood, lamb, sausage, game, vegetables, etc. Makes great jerky. Cold smoke with optional cold smoke plate (Great for cheese, pasta, etc.) Controlled heat combined with a well insulated cabinet and no-draft cooking conditions produces a consistent, quality product Safe – does not get hot on the outside Easy to move around – At 50 lbs. it easily carried from the kitchen to the patio (wheels available as an accessory) Easy to clean. Grills and Rails go in the dishwasher Use any dry hardwood – no pellets or special woods required Smoker arrives assembled and ready to use! Mobile, versatile, flexible! This smoker is just the right size to travel with you wherever you go — or stay put at home in your backyard. Portable and great for RV’s, patios and condos. Electric. All stainless steel

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