EcoQue Pizza Oven and Smoker Review

Not Your Typical Smoker

The EcoQue ECO Wood Fired Pizza Oven and Smoker is not like any run off the mill smoker grill. I thought I have seen it all and I have tried and critiqued a lot of smoker brands and models. I love pizza and smoked meat but imagine being able to enjoy homemade pizza along with smoked ribs. That’s exactly what this one of a kind wood smoker grill can offer. I have enjoyed using the ECO-71008 and the gourmet recipe possibilities are truly fascinating.

EcoQue Wood Fired Pizza Oven and Smoker

EcoQue Wood Fired Smoker

The following are some of the things that I really like about this smoker slash pizza maker.

Top Reasons Why I Recommend the EcoQue Smoker

  • GREAT DESIGN/EASY TO MOVE: I guess one of the big selling points of this pizza oven/smoker is its aesthetic appeal. It looks great in my kitchen and matches pretty much everything near it. It is efficiently designed so no space is wasted. It’s also very easy to move from one place to the other so in case you want to redecorate the kitchen this unit won’t get in your way.
  • WORKS JUST AS PROMISED: This wood grill works just as advertised. Take note that the smoker oven gets hot a lot faster than the pizza oven. That should be expected since it usually takes a lot longer to smoke meat. I have also tried baking conventional bread in the pizza oven and they also came out great. It’s such a versatile piece of cooking equipment.

Remember that you’re using a firebox to produce heat. It’s pretty easy to use, really. But you should be a little patient before the ovens get to the right temperature. In the case of the pizza oven, it takes one to two hours

  • EASY CLEAN UP: The messiest part of any wood smoker is the firebox. It’s where all the ash and soot gets caught up. The design allows the user to pull out the firebox for cleaning. That I must say is brilliant! I can take it out, empty the contents, clean it up, and slide it back in again with no worries. I wish the other wood fired smokers were designed this way.

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Key Features

  • This two in one unit features a separate oven for smoking and for making pizza. Both ovens are lined with stainless steel.
  • The smoker oven is equipped with a luminous dial oven thermometer. The pizza oven on the other hand is equipped with a pizza stone thermometer.
  • The EcoQue ECO-71008 allows owners to bake pizza in one oven while smoking meat and other items in the other oven.
  • This smoker grill features weatherproof storage.
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I recommend this pizza oven and smoker to anyone who has been looking for a versatile grill and smoker for years. The only downside that I can mention about it is the fact that it is really heavy. I suggest you find someone to help you set it up in your kitchen. The exhaust can be extended using a flue extension so the smoke goes directly out of the house.

Don’t get me wrong, putting it all together isn’t complicated. It’s just that it’s just too heavy for one person to lift by himself. Other than that, the EcoQue Pizza Oven and Smoker is a multifunctional smoker that I can recommend to anyone.

Final Verdict

EcoQue Wood Oven and Smoker

EcoQue ECO Wood Oven and Smoker

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EcoQue ECO-71008 Wood Fired Pizza Oven and Smoker with Cover

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EcoQue Food Smoker Reviews Wood Smoker
EcoQue ECO-71008 Wood Fired Pizza Oven and Smoker with Cover
For those who know that outdoor cooking is about more than just grilling, EcoQue introduces the most versatile outdoor cooking center you’ll ever own. The EcoQue Wood-Fired Pizza Oven and Smoker can handle any task your indoor oven could, but with the irreplaceable flavor that only cooking over real hardwood can deliver. But the EcoQue also operates with unprecedented energy efficiency, so all of your fuel will go towards cooking-not to waste. TWO COOKING CHAMBERS Our double-insulated smoker oven and a brick hearth baking oven are both fully lined in stainless steel. The lower baking oven retains heat through its fully lined brick hearth base, sealed from smoke and ash. The upper smoker oven circulates that authentic wood-fired taste while smoke roasting foods to perfection. This combination offers endless opportunities: Smoke Roast, Hot Smoke, Cold Smoke, Bake, Braise, Plank and Slow Roast. SLIDE-OUT FIREBOX The oven’s unique Slide-Out Firebox makes firing up and maintaining optimum heat levels a snap. The Firebox is airtight, allowing your fuel to burn slowly and efficiently. DUAL LUMINOUS DIAL THERMOMETERS let you easily monitor and maintain two distinct cooking environments. STORAGE Nearly four cubic feet of weatherproof storage is built into the oven’s base, keeping both fuel and accessories dry and readily accessible. MOBILE Convenient slide-out handles and large, sturdy wheels allow you to easily roll it into action. CUSTOM-FIT COVER To protect your investment, a custom-fit cover is now included with your oven purchase. Expedited shipping is not available for this item. This item will only ship via ground freight delivery to the 48 contiguous states.

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