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Great for the Outdoors

The Brinkmann Charcoal Gourmet Grill and Smoker is one of the best smokers I have ever owned. I have bought several smokers in the past few years. I currently own one propane smoker and one electric. The other smokers I previously owned were either sold or given away friends. I bought this one because of the many positive charcoal smoker reviews I found on the Internet. Besides, it had a really affordable price.

Who is This Smoker For?

Brinkmann Charcoal Gourmet Grill and Smoker

Brinkmann Charcoal Smoker

This smoker is suited for people who prefer to use charcoal as their primary source of fuel. It’s also a great option for customers who are a bit short on the budget. The reviews may have caught my attention but its price actually convinced me to buy it. This Brinkman smoker gives you a lot of good value for your money.

Top Reasons Why I Recommend this Charcoal Grill

  • EASY CLEANUP: I have owned other charcoal smokers and they were tough to clean. But that’s not the case with this Brinkmann gourmet smoker. It was surprisingly easy to clean. That base pan and the way the interior is designed, it makes it easier to clean.
  • TOUGH AND DURABLE: I have owned this charcoal smoker grill for almost two years now. I have taken it tailgating for some wonderful barbecue. I have taken it with me on hunting trips. It’s a pretty good piece of outdoor equipment. It’s tough enough for the road. Mine has a few dings on it but this one is as tough as nails.
  • ACCESS TO COALS: This Brinkmann smoker is designed so that the user can access the coals by lifting its center. Then you can add or reduce the amount of coals as needed without having to open the lid. That’s a big help since it’s really hard to maintain the temperature on any charcoal smoker including this one.

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  • This Brinkmann grill smoker has the following dimensions: 28.2” x 35.5” x 28.2” inches. It can cook 50 pounds of food per batch. The entire smoker only weighs around 33.3 pounds. It also has side handles for better mobility.
  • This smoker grill is outfitted with a pair of grills. It also has a built in thermometer on the lid. The bullet type design allows even distribution of heat all around the cooking chamber. It also features a beautiful exterior finish.
  • The 852-7080-E Brinkmann charcoal smoker has a hinged door. The charcoal pan is made out of aluminum while the steel water pan is coated with porcelain. The handles are made of wood to keep them cool to the touch.
  • This Brinkmann grill is covered by a one year warranty from the manufacturer.
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A charcoal smoker that has the above mentioned benefits provides a very attractive offer especially if you consider its price. If you’re unsure about charcoal smoking and you don’t want to spend a lot of money in case you won’t like it in the end then this Brinkmann is a good option.

Other than the common difficulty among charcoal type smokers in keeping the temperature the only downside I can mention is that the color of my smoker has faded on some parts. That should be expected since I take it with me in the outdoors. Nevertheless, my Brinkmann Charcoal Smoker is something I can recommend to my friends.

Final Verdict

Brinkmann 852-7080-E Gourmet Grill and Smoker

Brinkmann Charcoal Gourmet Grill and Smoker

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Brinkmann 852-7080-E Charcoal Gourmet Grill and Smoker (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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64 ratings.
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Brinkman Charcoal Grill Charcoal Smokers
Brinkmann 852-7080-E Charcoal Gourmet Grill and Smoker (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Enjoy slow-cooked barbecue and authentic smokehouse flavor with this top-of-the-line charcoal smoker and grill. Perfect for large gatherings, it comes equipped with two chrome-plated steel cooking grills that can hold up to 50 pounds of food. Cook a ham on one level and a chicken on the other. Both the top and bottom grill levels cook at about the same temperature, so when cooking different types or cuts of meat at the same time, place the meat that cooks the fastest on the top grill for convenient removal. The unit’s domed lid supplies a heat indicator for checking the temperature at a glance, while its front-hinged door allows for adding charcoal or water during the smoking process. Other highlights include a porcelain-coated steel water pan, an extra-large aluminized-steel charcoal pan, high-grade wooden handles that stay cool to the touch, a separate base pan for easy cleaning and set-up, and a lightweight design at just 28 pounds. An instruction manual comes included. The charcoal smoker and grill measures 17 by 17 by 35 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty.

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