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Camp Chef Smoke Vault Propane Box HD Steel and Stainless Door Smoker

Camp Chef 18-Inch Smoke Vault Propane Box Smoker

I actually read a lot of propane gas smoker reviews before I went on to buy the Camp Chef Smoke Vault Propane Box HD Steel and Stainless Door Smoker, Black. I believe that this is truly one of the best propane smokers that are currently sold in stores. Let me tell you some of the reasons why I think this so.

  • No Issues with the assembly: When the delivery boys brought this propane gas smoker right to our door I eagerly got the thing out of the box. I didn’t mind having to assemble it since I’m some sort of a handy man myself. What surprised me really is the fact that such a huge device would be very easy to assemble. I would have imagined this Camp Chef smoker to have been made up of more parts.

I can assure you that you don’t need to be a mechanic to put this thing together. Even if you lack the skills, I can bet that you can put all the parts together all in the right spot in less than an hour. Remember, the package comes with instructions that are pretty easy to understand.

  • Works with just about anything you can smoke: I have tried a wide range of food to smoke on this smoker propane grill. I have smoked brisket, ribs, whole chicken, choice beef cuts, sir loin, and pork. And they were all smoked and cooked very well according to my liking. So, there’s practically no hassle in that department.
  • Just the right cooking capacity for our family: I rarely have people come over so the main guests who sample my smoker recipes are members of my very own family. The shelves on the Smoke Vault Propane Box are just the right size so that I can cook the right amount of food for everyone at the table.

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Key Features

  • Outfitted with a pair of standard size shelves
  • Includes one rack for making beef jerky
  • Specifically designed for the outdoors
  • Handsome stainless finish
  • Durable and built to last
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Now, having said all of the above great features that I got from this gas smoker I must admit that I was a bit disappointed at one thing about it. The only downside that I can relate to you is the fact that the Smoke Vault doesn’t come with a propane tank. That just made no sense to me.

Chef Smoke Smoker – Final Verdict

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I had to drive to the nearest supplier in town and purchase a propane tank that will fit this smoker. But in spite of that small downside, I still think that the Camp Chef Smoke Vault Propane Box HD Steel and Stainless Door Smoker, Black is truly a great product.

Camp Chef Smoker 24″ Smoke Vault Extra Large with Stainless Door and Adjustable Shelves (SMV24)

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177 ratings.
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Camp Chef Food Smoker Reviews Propane Smokers Under $300
Camp Chef Smoker 24″ Smoke Vault Extra Large with Stainless Door and Adjustable Shelves (SMV24)
Lock the delicious mesquite, hickory or any other smoked flavor into your meats with the Smoke Vault 24”. This simple system will infuse your food with the most appetizing smoked tastes that can’t be experienced any other way. Use the Smoke Vault for a variety of foods from ribs, to a whole turkey and even baked pies. Fully adjustable heat-control dials, three damper valves, and a door thermometer will help you control internal temperatures. Cooking temperatures can vary from 160° F to 400° F. The heavy-gauge steel wood chip tray and water pan create smoke and keep your meats moist. If smoking meats is a new way of cooking to you there is no need to worry; cooking tips, ideas and recipes are included with this smoker to help you get started. Use the Smoke Vault to lock in your favorite flavors.
Two adjustable smoking racks
One jerky smoking rack
Water pan
Heavy gauge steel wood chip tray
Removable porcelain base tray for easy clean up
Three adjustable damper valves; one on top and one on each side
Easy to read door thermometer from 50 to 400 degrees
Convenient matchless snap-ignition
Cooking tips, ideas, and recipes included
Protected burner drum for maximum heat control
Body Dimensions (w/out legs): 24″ W x 16″ D x 30″ H
Total Height (with legs): 44″
Door Dimensions: 22 1/2″ W x 28″ H
Cooking Racks Dimensions: 21 1/2″ W x 14″ D
Total Output: 18,000 BTU/hr
Maximum Temperature Reading: 400 degrees
Shipping Dimensions: 25″ x 17.5″ x 30.5″
Weight: 75 lbs.
CAMP CHEF: for over 25 years Camp Chef has been making quality cooking gear for all of your outdoor cooking needs. Our products include Outdoor Cookers, Pellet Grills, Smokers, Pizza Ovens, Cast Iron Cookware, Flat Top Grills, Griddles, Fire Pits, Outdoor Movie Screens, Emergency Stoves and all the camping accessories to make your cooking easy and fun.


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