Browning Outdoor Smoker Review

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I used to own a cheap locally made smoker before buying my Browning Smoke Vault 18-Inch Outdoor Smoker. Cutting the long story short, I couldn’t be happier. I think my Browning is the best smoker in its price range. However, I have to admit that there are smokers that have a lot of extra fancy features but you have to pay several hundred dollars more just to get them.

Who is This Smoker For?

If all you want to do is to just smoke meat to its mouthwatering best then get I recommend this smoker. It’s a basic no frills piece of outdoor equipment. The bottom line is that it works. And it works best in the outdoors. If you plan do some backyard meat smoking then the SMV18SB will work nicely. The following are its best highlights.

Quality Features of this Smoker that I Like

  • AFFORDABLE PRICE: This propane smoker is more affordable than many smokers of its kind. However, do take note that it isn’t cheap. You’re getting a really robust well-built product for a reasonable price.
  • GREAT FOR OUTDOOR SMOKING: My old smoker gas grill was supposed to withstand rust and other physical punishment. I constructed a platform with wheels so I can just roll it around the backyard instead of carrying it (these things are made of metal and they’re really heavy, mind). My old unit had bad welding at the base and on the door. My SMV18SB on the other hand doesn’t have welding issues. And after more than two years of use, I still have to see any rust build up.
  • LARGE COOKING SPACE: The Smoke Vault has enough cooking space for a party of five. I also like the multiple smoking racks so I can maximize the available space. I don’t think it’s built for baking even though the manufacturer says it is (honestly, I haven’t used it to bake anything so I can’t comment on that really).

Click here for the Browning SMV18SB Smoker specifications


  • This outdoor smoker grill has the following dimensions: 31” x 18.5” x 17”. It has a total weight of 66 pounds but the entire package that will be delivered to your door will weigh 168 pounds. Take note that there is very minimal assembly required.
  • This smoker grill is best suited for outdoor cooking. It also features cast iron and stainless steel construction. It is able to withstand a lot of punishment and it rarely rusts.
  • It is more than just your run off the mill outdoor smoker. The manufacturer description says it can also function as an oven.
  • This is a complete feature Browning smoker. It comes with water pan, a grease pan, wood chip plate, 4 racks, matchless ignition, and a thermometer.
  • Click here to see more product features


Gas smokers aren’t perfect and the same can be said about this Browning. The door is made out of stainless steel but the hinges are a bit flimsy. It’s a heavy thing and I wish the makers just threw in some wheels when they made this smoker. All in all, I think the Browning Smoke Vault gives you good value for your money.

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