Bradley Electric Smoker Review

Impressive Qualities But Not Perfect

Bradley 4-Rack Electric Smoker

The Bradley Digital Electric Smoker is the electric smoker for me. I have seen different Bradley models but I initially didn’t pay any attention to them since I read a good deal of negative electric smoker reviews about this particular brand. I’ll be the first to admit that I shouldn’t have listened to all the negative feedback. I wouldn’t have known what a great product this is if I didn’t have a chance to try it.

How the Bradley Smoker Won Me Over

Our next door neighbor invited me over to their place for lunch since he had a business proposal to make. I saw that he prepared pretty nice cuts of turkey smoked to an almost flawless perfection. I’ve got to tell you that it really tasted great. But it wasn’t the turkey or the business presentation that caught my attention – it was the smoker he used. Guess what, it was a Bradley.

Our conversation that afternoon went from profit projections to how great their outdoor smoker was. He was using his Bradley electric smoker outdoors! That was truly impressive for me. I couldn’t even use mine during cold days and there he was showing off his Bradley smoker as if we were in the middle of summer.

Bradley Digital Electric Smoker

Bradley Digital Smoker

It was also the very first time that I was able to examine external features of this particular electric smoker model. I was immediately impressed at how easy the digital controls were. My interest even got more piqued when I learned that this unit has controls for the amount of smoke that is produced. I was already imagining the different electric smoker recipes that I can make using that feature.

The other fascinating thing for me was that this particular electric smoker made by Bradley can reach temperatures of more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Well, my neighbor said that he can only get it to go up that high if he operated the thing indoors. It was really hard to make the unit to reach that temp when you’re dealing with cool outdoor air. Nevertheless, that truly impressive – my smoker couldn’t even get to a temperature near that.

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Key Features

  • Great for outdoor smoking; maximum temperature at 320 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Complete suite of features including digital controls for smoke, cooking time, and smoking temperature
  • This unit can be used for cold smoking
  • Very easy to assemble
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Even though I have offered quite a few good accolades about this particular digital electric smoker, you should quote me when I say that it isn’t perfect. It’s good but it isn’t absolutely good. The first flaw that I found on it was that it had to handles and no wheels. If you want to do your smoking indoors then move outdoors then that will be a problem.

The other flaw I found is the fact that it isn’t made for taller guys like me. I had to bend down just to inspect the racks. I guess I can prop it up on a table or platform but that should have been thought out by the designers. Nevertheless, I still highly recommend the Bradley Digital Electric Smoker due to its impressive qualities.

Bradley Smoker – Final Verdict

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Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker

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Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker
The Bradley 4-rack Digital Smoker includes all the features of the Original Bradley Smoker, along with the benefits of digital technology. Temperature, time, and smoke are now completely controllable so you can decide how much smoke you want, how long your food is going to be smoked for, and at what temperature. Perfect for entertaining, creating gourmet foods in your own home, or just enjoying the flavor that smoking brings, the new Bradley Digital Smokers offer an easier and better way to automatically roast, smoke and barbecue in the outdoors. The exterior is Powder Epoxy Steel and the interior is Polished Stainless Steel Internal Cooking Vol : 2288 cu in Internal Heater: 500 watt cooking element / 125 watt smoking element Power: – 110 V 50 – 60 Hz , – 5.5 Amps (240 Volt Model coming mid 2006) ETL & CE Listed Max Temperature: Controllable up to 320F. Min Temp: subject to ambient Digital Controls : Temperature, Time, Smoke

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