Big Steel Keg Charcoal Grill

Convection Cooking at Its Best

Take it from this cooking aficionado, the Big Steel Keg 05503 Charcoal Grill is the only thing you need to show off to your neighbors. It’s really well made and it works like a charm. Everything that I put into this convection cooking oven comes out as an absolute wonder to the taste.

Big Steel Keg 05503 Charcoal Grill

The Big Steel Keg 05503 at work.

It has made me a big fan of convection cooking. I have never thought that seared food can taste so good. Nowadays, I even invite the neighbors over for a weekend cook fest – everyone really loves it.

Why I love my Big Steel Keg

Here are some of the characteristics of this charcoal grille that I have found very useful:

  • MAINTAINS HEAT VERY WELL: One of the big things that I really like about this Big Steel Keg convection cooker is the fact that it can really maintain the right temperature. The thermometer that is mounted on this cooker is an added convenience. I don’t need to buy a separate thermometer just to make sure the right temperature level is kept.
  • HANDLES ANY TYPE OF INGREDIENT LIKE A BREEZE: I have cooked just about anything using this Big Steel Keg convection oven. I have tried quite a wide variety of convection cooker recipes. I have seared steaks to perfection. I have also cooked brisket at a really slow pace. I guess the great temperature control of the Big Steel Keg 05503 allows me to cook slowly at 250 degrees Celsius or sear food at a high 750 degrees Celsius.
  • PACKAGED CONVENIENCE: I think the manufacturers had convenience in mind when they designed this convention cooking charcoal grill. I really like the large wheels they included with this thing. It makes it easier to move around not that this griller is really heavy or huge for that matter.

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Key Features

  • This Big Steel Keg oven sports a barrel type grill design, which is perfect for any kind of outdoor cooking.
  • The entire unit is covered by a five year warranty. I think that’s one fine assurance of this grill’s quality construction
  • This Big Steel Keg cooker is designed for portability; it is outfitted with a pair of wheels and handles for convenient transport.
  • You can create just about all kinds of convection oven recipes. It affords you with 450 inches of total cooking space. The side trays are removable for easy access. The grates are made of 100 percent cast iron and they are adjustable depending on your needs.
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If you’re a fan of convection oven cooking then you will love the smooth temperature control of the Big Steel Keg 05503. However, my only complaint about this thing has to do with storage. The side tables are great and they can be removed without any problems. I just thought that they would be a lot easier to store if they folded down.

But I guess it’s just a matter of personal preference. Aside from that, I have to say the Big Steel Keg 05503 Charcoal Grill for Convection-Style Cooking is a highly commendable piece of cooking equipment.

Final Verdict

Average customer review out of 33 reviews:

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Big Steel Keg 05503 Charcoal Grill for Convection-Style Cooking (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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33 ratings.
40 user reviews

Charcoal Smokers Food Smoker Reviews Over $400
Big Steel Keg 05503 Charcoal Grill for Convection-Style Cooking (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Big Steel Keg Convection Grill, Designed For High Temperature Searing, Oven Style Roasting, Low Temperature Smoking and Controlled Barbequing, Made Of Double Wall High Temperature Insulated Steel Designed To Keep In and Maintain Heat, Integrated Thermometer Assures Proper Temperature Maintenance, Top and Bottom Numbered Damper To Accurately Control Airflow and Internal Cooking Temperatures, 2 Removable and Adjustable Grill Grates, Removable Side Trays, Large Wheels Moves Easily, Comes With Cover and Built In Bottle Openers, Trailer Hitch Adaptor, Sold Separately, Enables Grill To Travel On Trailer Hitch For BBQ’s, Tailgating and Camping.

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